Freestanding Punching Bag 71"-215lbs with Boxing Gloves
Freestanding Punching Bag 71"-215lbs with Boxing Gloves
Freestanding Punching Bag 71"-215lbs with Boxing Gloves
Freestanding Punching Bag 71"-215lbs with Boxing Gloves

Freestanding Punching Bag 71"-215lbs with Boxing Gloves

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FITVEN-Your professional partner on designing and producing punching bags. Spent several years researching sporting goods, constantly trying and fixing problems, committing to perfect the product. This 2021 updated freestanding punching bag has been carefully modified in the shock absorber. Support powerful hitting such as straight punch, uppercut and right hook. Working out with our punching bag can improve your reflexes and sensitivity, enhance your strength and release the stress.
Product Specification
  • 71''/210 lbs Heavy Bag
  • Pro Grade 12oz Boxing Gloves
  • Triple Shock Absorbing System
  • Special Conical Rubber Mounting
  • Multi-layer Construction
  • Stable Floor Sucking Base
    • 【FITVEN】Design and produce high quality fitness equipment for 20 years. Especially in punching bag. Our punching bags have modified under the advice of professional, which are focus on quality and comfortable use. Passed all the test before shipping.
    • 【Freestanding Punching Bag】A great gift for your family or friends! Our 71''-215lbs freestanding punching bag suits for whole family workout-adults, teens or kids(47-73'' tall)! Better enhance your physical strength and release stress. Taking it into your home gym!
    • 【Double Stable】Designed with conical rubber rebond post, our product can better absorb the shock and make the force be concentrated on the sandbag. Plus 12 strong suction cups help this punching bag increase stability and support your hard hitting! Weights up to 215lbs filled with sand or 170lbs with water.
    • 【Shock Absorbing System】With technology of energy dissipation and shock absorption, three-layer conical structure and high quality toughness rubber can prevent vibration from being transmitted downward to the base effectively, which can reduce the shock to make the heavy bag more stable.
    • 【Durable&Softable】Being formed from stainless steel tube frame, fabric cushion, high-density EPE foam and 2mm premium PU leather, our punching bag use eco-friendly structural layers to minimize the damage of the human body with greatest extent possible. The combination of tear-resistant, quick-rebound and enfolding fillet welding tech make a longer service life possible.
    • 【FITVEN Boxing Gloves】Constructed with high-quality leather which is easy to clean and maintain.Our boxing gloves are professionally packaged with multiple layers of thick, provide excellent fit and protection. Fit to the natural shape of the fist and promotes proper punching technique