UPGO 4D Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Shiatsu with Stretching Function, Bluetooth, Heating

UPGO 4D Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Shiatsu with Stretching Function, Bluetooth, Heating

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This is a full-featured, full body massage chair. It’s a tool to help you rediscover comfort, support good health, and bring you happiness that comes.Massage chair will provide you with full body massage, relax and decorate your home with simple retro design.
Advanced 4D Massage Technology.
Intelligent Mechanical Massage Hands.
Deep V Zero Gravity.
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.
Linkage Stretching.
Full Body Airbag Massage.
Buttocks Kneading.
All-in-one Massage Chair.
Space Saving.
Bluetooth Name: AMY
Password: 8888
【Deep V Zero Gravity】: When reclined into the zero-gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage. In this position when the knees are brought above the chest will optimize your blood flow, in order to relax the body more.
【Relaxing Massage Chair】: Our massage chair has built-in waist heater and small leg heating, proper temperature can enhance the massage effect, promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. It makes you feel very comfortable and relieving you from the fatigue of the day.
【Foot and calf massage】:The foot rollers located on the bottom of the feet rotate and stimulate acupuncture points and more airbags along the sides and the back of the legs and feet swell and tighten at the same time generating a much deeper massage.
【All-in-one Massage Chair】 : Enjoy a variety of massages immediately with our installation-free all-in-one massage chair. Release fatigue and relax in the comfort of your home with our full-body massage chair.
【The ideal gift for family and friends】: Is the perfect gift for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It's the ideal health gift for family, partners, and friends, and it matches a variety of home styles. Plus, it comes in only one package, with no assembly required, and can hold up to 350 lbs.
【After-Sale Protection】:The massage chair before shipment after 100% of the performance and reliability test, and the warranty period of 3 years.
【 Usage Tip 】 There are automatic and manual modes. If you want to customize, please adjust to manual mode first.