UPGO Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station Adjustable Multi-Function Home Gym Strength Training Fitness Equipment

UPGO Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station Adjustable Multi-Function Home Gym Strength Training Fitness Equipment

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2023 updated version power tower is a firm and durable exercise equipment well-built from the inside out. With high-grade stell as foundation, stability can be guaranteed completely. Unique dual-triangular base in both side is undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights of the whole product design, which contribute to the firmness and let you have a safe fitness experience.
UPGO power tower also features many customizable settings. 6 gear regulation heights, 7 levels backrest adjustment, 10 degrees tilted armrest, multible handles pull-up frame and 3 angles push-up handles make our machine extremely versatile.
This multifuntion pull up station allows you to perform a full-body workout like pull-up, push-up, and leg raise. Increasing strength, toning your body and flattening your abs are a few fitness goals this tower can achieve.
Product Specification
  • Premium Corrosion Resistant Steel Pipev
  • Scienticfic Dual-triangular Base& 3 Reinforced Crossbars
  • 10 Degree Tilted Anti-slip Armrest
  • 3 Push Up Customized Angles
  • 6 Adjustable Heights & 7 Backrest Positions
  • 4-in-1 Station Fitness Equipment
    • 【Double Stability】Sportsroyals Power Tower adapt unique dual-triangular base in both side instead of original H-shape base, which guarantee the further stability when you workout. Combine with 3 crossbars reinforcement make this dip station more firmly, such a high-firmness let more chanllenges possible.
    • 【Multi Function】Our power tower supports a variety of upper body and strength workouts, such as pull-up, push-up, leg/knee raise and dips. Multiple handles in pull-up frame also allows you to perform more postures and exercises. Good choice for strengthen and shape your whole body.
    • 【Ergonomic Design】Tilted inward 10 degree arm handle design keeps your elbow in place, reducing the risk of accidents and discomfort. Customized 3 push up angles will maximize your upper body definition and achieve best results.
    • 【6 Adjustable Height Levels】Sportsroyals power tower has 6 adjustable height ranges from 70.07"to 92.7". The wide range of height options makes it great for whole family workout.
    • 【7 Backrest Adjustment Positions】7 adjustable holes(2.4"-7.1") to regulate the cushion. Just pull the knob and adjust to the place which fit yourself and all is done
    • 【Heavy-duty Construction】Featured 1.5mm thicken premium steel tubing with corrosion resistant, our power tower ensure maximum strength and durability for long-lasting usage. 440LBS weight capacity give you a safe fitness experience, no worry for stability.